This page contains Matlab softwares that my research group has developed over the years. The softwares are primarily for research in the atmospheric radiation, satellite remote sensing, and climate statistics. Feel free to email me, should you have questions regarding these softewares.

  • Codes for Atmospheric Radiation
  1. Reading script for LBLRTM TAPE11 and TAPE12 binary output
  2. Voigt line profile based on HUMLICEK(JQSRT, 1982)
  3. Reading script for the Nimbus-4 IRIS-D data set
  4. Reading script for HITRAN database
  • Codes for Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  1. Saturated Water Vapor Pressure based on Simmons et al. (1999)
  2. Moist Adiabatic Lapse Rate based on equation 4.7.3 in Emanuel’s book
  • Codes for Satellite Remote Sensing
  • Codes for Climate Statistics