Gridded nadir-view synthetic spectra based on ECMWF ERA-interim 12-hourly reanaysis from 2003 to 2017

Brief Description: Motivated by recent far-IR missions such as PREFIRE and FORUM, we carried out an OSSE experiment to produce 15 years of synthetic hyperspectra over the entire globel using the 12-hourly ECMWF ERA-interim output from 01/2003 to 12/2017. The methods were described in Chen et al. (2013), which takes full account of the subgrid cloud variability in the reanalysis. It covers 50 cm-1 to 2760 cm-1 with a nominal resolution of 1.0 cm-1.

Download Data: A sample month of data can be found at here. This data set is ~1.2G per month and 212G in total. Subsetting is possible. If you are interested in subsetting the data set, please email me.

Access to the full data can be found at here(link).

Data format: The data is in netcdf format, each file for one monthly-averaged gridded spectrum dataset. The spatial resolution is 1.5o-by-1.5o. The spectral resolution is 1.0 cm-1 from 50cm-1 to 2760 cm-1, sampling interval being 0.5 cm-1. The average is based on 12-hourly synthetic spectra computed from the 12-hourly ERA-interim reanalysis profiles.

Acknowledgements: The work is supported by NASA Earth Sciences Program as well as CERES Science Team in NASA Langley.

Should you have any questions, please email me.