Research Interests:

  • A unique trait in our research is the use of spectrally resolved observations. Here is a slide show (link) explaining why we need to study climate through such a spectral lens.
  • Radiative transfer: theory and applications in climate modeling and remote sensing
    Our research on the effect of cloud overlapping assumptions on spectral fingerprinting has been chosen as the AGU research spotlight.
  • Diagnostic analysis of satellite observations and climate simulations
    Our research on the radiative effect of TTL cirrus on tropospheric-stratospheric transport has been highlighted on Geophysical Research Letters.
  • High-latitude surface-atmosphere radiative coupling

Research Projects and Data Products:

Research Group and News (separate link)

Job Opportunity:

  • Please directly contact me if you are interested in opportunities for graduate study or postdoctoral research.

We heartily invite self-motivated and talented students to join our group. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our research, students from all related fields are encouraged to apply. The related fields include but not be limited to physics, applied mathematics, meteorology, environmental engineering.